Plastic Surgeon and Leading Stem Cell Researcher Discover Breakthrough Skincare Formula While Working With Chemo Patients

Learn about the patented skincare technology which is the next generation of stem-cell science that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine of 2012!

by Gwen R.

Why does skin get dry, spotted and wrinkled as we age?

According to Dr. Jeffrey Gibson, one of North America’s leading plastic surgeons, it’s pure biology.

“When we’re young, our bodies produce a lot of the nutrients we need to produce fresh, new skin. But as we age, the body quite literally stops producing these nutrients, so skin begins to collapse from the inside.”

That’s a problem for moisturizers, lotions and serums.

These topical treatments merely sit on top of the skin, so while they may temporarily improve its appearance, they don’t improve its quality.

“The problem is that they sit on top of the skin, trapping moisture inside. So while they temporarily make the skin look better, they don’t improve skin quality.”

Those words are straight from Dr. Gibson, a board-licensed plastic surgeon who has spent two decades operating on the rich and famous of Miami.

“Healthy skin is created from within,” continues Dr. Gibson. “It’s a cellular process that takes nutrients from your bloodstream, and turns them into fresh new skin cells.”

And when it comes to this cellular process, topical treatments just can’t mimik mother nature.

That’s why Dr. Gibson set out to develop a new therapy - one that would create new skin cells from within, supporting the body’s natural skin-building processes.

Upon the realization that most of his patients came to him once the had seen the negative effects on their skin from chemotherapy, Dr. Gibson began to look into skincare products that would help his patients bring back their "youthful" skin only to realize that there's a huge hole in the market.

That's when Dr. Gibson decided that his new objective would be to provide both women and men with affordable QUALITY skincare products using the latest advancement in skin care technology, that’s when he eventually developed the RxGenesys Skincare SystemTM.

RxGenesys Skincare SystemTM was discovered after Dr. Gibson began researching cosmetic ingredients from a medical point of view, by running vigorous amounts of clinical studies. He knew that if he could make skin cells behave more healthily, then the skincare formulas he ends up developing could produce the results both him and his patients were looking for.

By partnering with world leading scientists and PhDs, Dr. Gibson identified a newly discovered stem cell technology that had the potential effect on skin cells that he was looking for! This incredible technology just so happened to have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012... WOW!

The products have also been tested clinically through a double blind study. Here are the results from the study:

  • 94% Noticed a reduction of fine lines & wrinkles
  • 100% Noticed an improvement in the level of moisture of the skin
  • 88% Noticed an improvement on the skin’s firmness & elasticity
  • 94% Noticed an improvement on the skin’s radiance & evenness
  • 56% Reduction of visible fine lines & wrinkles
  • 23% Improvement in skin moisture & balance
  • 43% Visible improvement in firmness & elasticity
  • 56% Reduction of the visible signs of Photo-aging

“The results were shocking, but not surprising. We suspected that if we fed old, dry skin the nutrients it needs, it would start to look like it was healthy, young skin. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Until recently, it was only possible to get this breakthrough treatment at Dr. Gibson’s clinic in Miami.

But with an additional year of R&D, it’s now possible for anyone to follow this therapy at home.


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About Dr. Jeffrey Gibson


Dr. Gibson is an American Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon specialized in cell regeneration with a very unique background. His revolutionary cellular research has helped advance cutting edge wound healing treatments, while giving him a deep understanding of how skin cells evolve & regenerate.

Knowing what makes cells "tick" gave him the edge he needed to create a professional-grade skin care line capable of medically addressing the needs of even the most challenging skins, the ones of his patients after chemo, so this became his mission!

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